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Working with Melloul-Blamey

What Documentation is Required

All Contractors, Sub-trades and Suppliers:

As part of your contract with Melloul-Blamey Construction and to abide by all Regulations and Requirements, the following documents must be submitted to Melloul-Blamey Construction prior to ANY WORK or DELIVERIES to a Melloul-Blamey Construction Site.

  • Schedule of Values -To be submitted with monthly invoice.
  • W-9 Forms- To be submitted by Fax to office
  • Company Health & Safety Policy - Section 25 (2)(j) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects.
  • Health & Safety Policy Statement - SIGNED AND DATED by the current President of your company.
  • OR
  • Safety Agreement - If your company does not have a Health & Safety Policy, please complete Safety Agreement. (Click for a blank form).
  • Melloul Blamey Terms & Conditions - Included in contract
  • Illegal Immigration Form - Included in contract
  • Liability Insurance (Melloul-Blamey to be named additional insured on Certificate)
  • MSDS Sheets (where applicable)

  • For ALL Sub-Trades working for your company, the above information is also required as part of your submittal. Before commencement of work this documentation must be submitted to our office. If all the above documentation is not provided, that first progress draw will not be paid to the sub-contractor until all conditions are met. This applies to all projects. 
     Why is it required? 
     It is required by law.