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A single firm is engaged to complete the design and construction of the required facility. Melloul-Blamey is contracted to lead the team of architects, engineers and sub-trades from design through to completion. The project is quoted as a single lump sum price. Direct communication between the owner and Melloul-Blamey ensures single source responsibility so that we can successfully deliver the project.

Project Delivery Method

chart2.JPGUnder the Design/Build concept the Owner selects and retains for a fee one administrative entity who acts as his agent, the Prime Contractor. This type of arrangement can also be called 'Turn-Key'.

The Owner establishes his design and budget parameters. The Prime Contractor co-ordinates the design with his Consultants and trade contractors to optimally meet the needs of the Owner. Value analysis is a major benefit of the Design/Build concept. Because of his ongoing daily communication with trade contractors, the Prime Contractor is able to provide current, accurate data relating to costs and delivery schedules. Certain design considerations can thus be accommodated in the early stages to effect an efficient meshing of design and practical construction technique. As the design proceeds, a firm price and completion date can be established. On-site construction can commence before design is finalized.

The Prime Contractor will also manage the tendering of all construction trade work for the project, with the Owner thus benefitting from full competitive bidding.

Design-Build Approach

Our approach to Design-Build can best be described as "cooperative". To accomplish this, we partner with our consultants, subtrades, and you, our client, to jointly create the best, most effective solutions, within an affordable budget.

This Design-Build approach offers numerous advantages over conventional construction methods, some of which are as follows:

control and responsibility are centralized through one source;

the construction schedule is accelerated, by condensing several steps in the traditional process;

we build in partnership with you to meet your budget;

we work with you cooperatively to eliminate the unknown;

we select only qualified subtrades/suppliers;

this approach fosters teamwork among all parties helping to ensure the achievement of our common goals with a minimum amount of conflict between the parties.

Preconstruction Phase

  • Assist in site selection
  • Prepare preliminary designs
  • Conceptual cost estimates
  • Preliminary Scheduling
  • Provide leasing and financing options
  • Assist with Government approvals
  • Design Co-ordination and Construction Documents
  • Pre-qualify and invite subtrades to tender
  • Provide detailed costing

Construction Phase

  • On site skilled supervision and management
  • Control Risk
  • Manage subcontracts
  • Monitor and control project costs and accounting
  • Monitor and control the development schedule
  • Administration of the project documentation
  • Administration of the project changes
  • Administration of the project shop drawings
  • Maintain quality control
  • Provide and enforce health and safety program
  • Obtain occupancy permits
  • Coordinate move in
  • Provide as built drawings and maintenance manuals

Post Construction Phase

  • Project close out procedures
  • Clean up and address all deficiencies
  • Provide start up training
  • Provide one year warranty walkthrough
  • Provide on going customer support

Our Design-Build approach is structured as follows:

  • We review your general requirements, identifying and addressing any special needs. We also assist in the development of the overall concept of the project. In summary, we make a thorough analysis of your short and long term facility requirements.
  • Based on the information provided, we partner with the consultants in the selection of the best type of building construction. Wherever feasible, we will suggest alternative design approaches and the most effective building materials.
  • Preliminary budgets are prepared, based on conceptual/preliminary drawings. This process may be repeated, as required, to achieve the project budget.
  • We assist in providing liaison and co-ordination among the regulatory authorities to obtain all required approvals.
  • We revise and update the preliminary budget based on the recommended changes and latest working drawings. From this, we establish the final budget.
  • We then prepare a construction schedule, and identify the material/equipment with long delivery dates. These items are then prioritized, within the schedule.
  • Subsequently, we proceed to tender the project. The assigned project manager will invite a minimum of 3 subtrades for each construction discipline to provide a quotation. These trades are selected on their reliability, competitiveness, quality and availability. Depending on schedule constraints, we will utilize the local construction associations to achieve maximum coverage.
  • During the tendering stage we can mobilize on-site and prepare for construction. The tendering will be sequenced according to the schedule of events required on-site.
  • We receive and analyze all tenders, making recommendations, prepare contract documents for your approval, and ensure that all applicable legal requirements are complied with.
  • We then commence construction under the direct supervision of a full time site superintendent. During construction, we provide planning, scheduling, expediting, and technical coordination, necessary for the proper execution of the work of all trades.
  • During the course of construction, the project manager is responsible for the administration of the project. This includes the processing of quotations and changes, review of shop drawings, and general correspondence.
  • We provide accounting/cost control by reviewing/preparing monthly progress draws to be finalized on an open book basis. During the administration of the project, any savings or discounts achieved will be returned to you.
  • In order to make the project a success, all parties must communicate and work together. Regular job meetings will ensure that any uncertainties and potential problems will be addressed before they become an issue.
  • Upon completion of the on-site construction, the post construction period begins. During this time, we address project close-out procedures and deficiencies. We also provide warranties and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, and a 1 year follow-up review to ensure that all work has been completed as per the contract documents.